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We are proud of our work because it has impact. Our values encapsulate our way of working.

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Our vision

Immaterial believes in a not-so-distant future in which porous materials are used ubiquitously, implemented to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. From developing more efficient ways of using renewable energy sources like hydrogen on our own planet, to providing solutions to create habitable environments on other planets. We are experts in the porous materials at the forefront of this important phase of scientific endeavour.

Our values

What makes us tick

Be humble.

Collaboration is at our core. We have an “all hands on deck” attitude to any task we face, operating with a flat structure in which great ideas can come from anywhere. We don’t rely on personal status, elevation or past success to get us through, and no job is beneath us. We feel secure in surrounding ourselves with exceptional talent, raising the performance bar with every hire and promotion.

Embrace action.

Be bold and move fast. We are not afraid to try new things and fail – failure is an opportunity to learn and improve. We live at the cutting edge of technology, where failure is inevitable and embraced. We do not become afraid to take action though paralysis caused by a fear of making wrong decisions or needing to reverse courses of action.


Our neutral stance is that nothing is impossible until proven otherwise. Every problem and task is tackled by asking ourselves not if we can do it, but how we can do it. We leave our pre-conceptions aside, not letting bias dictate our decisions and actions. We are driven to achieve extraordinary things, and we have an immovable conviction that we will get there.

Be relentless.

We have relentlessly high standards – both in our delivery of services and products, and in how we behave and interact. We are never satisfied with simply being great, because great is far from perfect. We are proactive about moving outside our comfort zones, constantly seeking to learn and understand new perspectives to grow both personally and as a unit.


life at immaterial


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We are looking for a highly-motivated business developer who is passionate about solving new-to-world technology challenges and translating them into revenues.

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We are looking for a highly motivated, experienced chemical engineer to lead the technical organisation, be a technology vision leader and head the engineering division.

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We are looking for a highly motivated chemical or mechanical engineer who is passionate about solving new-to-world adsorbent technology and product challenges.

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We are looking for a highly motivated chemical engineer to lead the design, construction and commissioning of production facilities for novel adsorbent materials.

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Business Development Intern

starting july 2019

Job Description

Full-time role reporting to the Chief Commercial Officer. Will begin as a three month internship and may develop into a permanent role subject to performance. It is a small team and a highly supportive environment. Excellence in delivery is crucial and will have a substantial impact. This is a fast-paced and varied role with responsibilities including:

  • Input to commercial strategy through direct interaction with C-suite executives
  • Market analysis
  • Application identification
  • Techno-economic value proposition development
  • Market engagement
  • Relationship and partnership development / structuring


  • Completed BA / masters / PhD degree (sciences helpful but not necessary)
  • Relevant work experience is desirable
  • Self-starter, highly self-motivated
  • Exceptional quality


Internship to be paid at a negotiable rate. Full-time role gross pay of £30,000 pa plus equity dependent on performance. Negotiable for exceptional experience.